I Miss Every One Of You


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I miss every one of you.

At this very moment, our hearts converge as one, even though we are thousands of miles apart.

In this grand and sacred Dharma assembly, we once again unanimously think of the same person at the same time, sing the same insightful praise and shed the same tears.

That radiant, compassionate heart shines brilliantly upon us as before, continually accompanying us just like the way we are always thinking of him.

The Buddhas of the ten directions, who are like mothers thinking of their children,  compassionately bear all sentient beings in their minds.

Hence, please remember to learn the Lamrim seriously, joyously and perseveringly.

This is what pleases Master most as we are one big Lamrim family.

I miss every one of you!

Translation and review by: Valerie Chau and Adeline Tay