1.What are the objectives of BW Monastery?

  • to propagate Buddhist teachings so as to elevate our spiritual minds in the digital age.

  • to establish and cultivate the traditional values for a positive and active living.

  • to help one another through community services so as to build a harmonious and prosperous society with mutual understanding, as well as to repay to our nation.

2.What are the opening hours?

BW Monastery opening hours :  8am to 9pm daily,
Service Centre:  Monday - Saturday : 9am to 7.30pm,  Sunday : 9am to 6pm
(Including public holidays)

3.What kinds of the activities and events are available in the monastery?

Our regular activities include Dharma courses suitable for adults, seniors and youth; talks related to Buddhist teaching, healthy living and wellness, Auspicious Pujas, chanting etc. Occasionally, we also offer Three Refuge Puja, Eight Precepts Puja, Dharma enrichment camp, Walking mediation, Repentance Puja and other various pujas. We also celebrate traditional festivals like Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival etc. Besides these, every 1st Sunday as well as every 1st and 15th of the lunar months, we provide free vegetarian lunch. For details,please view our website at  https://bwmonastery.org.sg/events-list.

4.What is Auspicious Puja?

It is most auspicious to pay respect and praise the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas.In our modern busy life in Singapore, how could we make use of our time effectively to practise Buddha’s teaching? Come join us in the Auspicious Puja which includes Dharma talk, chanting, Repentance, Supplication, Aspiration, Insightful Praises, Offering, etc. These are the practices that all Buddhists can engage in regularly.

5.What types of Buddhism courses do you have?

Propagating the Buddha’s teachings is our main activity. We offer short, medium and long-term Dharma classes on the Stages of the Path. There are also Basic, Intermediate, and Higher classes for specific Buddhism courses, as well as various Buddhist Living classes.

6.Which sect does BW Monastery belong to?

The monastery includes the Buddha’s teaching from various sects. Mahayana, Vajrayana, Theravada are all from the Buddha’s teaching

7.Who is the founder of BW Monastery?

Master Jih-Chang started the Dharma propagation in Singapore and established a teaching centre. Venerable Jing Yuan is the first abbot of the monastery

8.How big is the monastery and how much is used for building it?

The monastery has a total area of 34400 sqft and cost about $20m to build.

9.Does the monastery provide any social welfare?

Our “Joyfeast” on every first Sunday of the month provides free vegetarian lunch to all visitors. We also refer those who need elderly care to "Blossom Seeds Ltd" for long term care and service. Besides, we also provide free courses and seminars, and many of our activities are opened to everyone without charges.

10.Does the monastery provide meals to the public?

The monastery provides free vegetarian lunch to devotees on days when there are pujas. There are also dried snacks and bottled water in each floor for all to consume at all times.

11.Are there any restrictions in food offering? Is food with eggs, onions and garlic allowed?

As the monastery only offers vegetarian food to the public, it is better for you to offer food without eggs, onions and garlic.

12.What is the dress code in the monastery? Are there any rules for visitors to follow?

There is no specific rule for visitors in the monastery. All are most welcome!

13.What are the benefits of being a member?

We welcome everyone to sign up as our Auspicious Card members, who would be able to receive timely information on our various activities, and be able to attend various pujas and courses. Besides, they will be given different learning opportunities due to the different classes provided for members.



  • 在科技时代弘扬佛陀慈悲与智慧的教育以提升心灵;

  • 推广及延续民族传统优良文化, 建立积极良善的人生;

  • 以利他精神慈善救济,服务社区、报答国家,创造互助互爱、和谐共荣的社会


 服务台时间:星期一至六:9am-7.30pm, 星期日:9am - 6pm(包括公共假日)













寺院的总面积有34400 平方尺,大约用了$2000万元建成。