Let Your Mind Be Connected To the Dharma, And Life Will Not Be The Same Again


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What is the real support in our lives?

Teacher, offered instructions to the disciples and followers:

Hope you all will inculcate the habit of regularly listening to the Buddha-Dharma. Thus, it will become that our lives rely upon the Dharma, the Dharma is the refuge that we take in our lives.

What is the term “taking refuge”? Meaning, whatever matter that you are troubled with, you just contemplate on the Dharma.

What is the meaning of “contemplate on the Dharma”?
What should be done if we are unable to arise this thought?
You switch on the tape [Master Jih-Chang’s discourse] and listen to the Lamrim Chenmo whenever you feel troubled, and cultivate the habit of continuously listening to the Dharma.

What is “continuously”? That is when you encounter any worries, afflictions, and distress, you will [continuously] think of applying the Dharma to resolve the problems.

How to “apply the Dharma”?
It is to listen, or discuss, or contemplate.
In a nutshell, it is to have our mindstreams synergise with the Dharma. Once it is connected with the Dharma, our lives will not be the same again.

Translation and review by: Shirley Lim, Dawn Chen