Persevere In Attending Lamrim Discussion Class


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Teacher said: Stick closely to your Lamrim class. Do not leave your class. Why? There are five reasons: 

1. Students can mutually restrain and compare with one another (for progression)

Teacher said, without an environment to encourage oneself, where everyone can mutually compare with one another in this environment, for instance, in the area of listening where we can learn from others’ understanding on how to eliminate habitual afflictions, abstain from non-virtues and cultivate virtues, only speak about others’ kindness and see the good qualities in others, we will only speak about others’ faults, which we cannot help it. We also feel that it is not right, but there is no other way. Thus, Teacher felt that cultivation still needs to be in a relatively controlled environment that practices restraint. If there is no environment to restrain oneself, it is very easy to slack and skip class.

2. The warmest memory of your life is having joined a Lamrim discussion class

Teacher said, for instance, when we hear about many real life stories, especially those concerning change of karma, it is shocking! Year after year, you can see that this practitioner has not stopped transforming, to such an extent that you feel you have to salute him. You will realize that after persevering for the past ten to fifteen years, his life has been thoroughly transformed. Buddha’s wisdom has been deeply ingrained in his mind. He has become an extremely devout disciple of the Buddha, who encompasses sincerity, compassion and wisdom. He has unknowingly become a person that some people can rely on.

3. You will also realize that you are transforming

Due to your transformation during this journey, you will be able to transmit to others a kind of wisdom and a form of strength. Teacher asked about what Buddhism relied on for transmission. It is through a heart with faith that will transmit to another heart with faith! That is, when you have developed the faith in your heart, others can feel the force of such faith when you interact with them!

4. Going to Lamrim class is as if meeting Master Jih-Chang in person

There are people who only began attending Lamrim discussion class after Master Jih-Chang passed on; there are people who had met Master Jih-Chang before and yet wished to meet him again.  How could we meet Master Jih-Chang again?  Persevere in learning the Lamrim, and you will meet him for sure. Teacher quoted one of her Gurus who had said to her, “Don’t be sad, since Master Jih-Chang said that he will come back, then he will be back for sure. This is not something that one can promise lightly, he will stick to his promise and make it happen for sure.”  Therefore, when we have such anticipation in our hearts, you may open up the Lamrim book, open up the transcripts of Master Jih-Chang’s discourse, switch on the MP3 tapes, listen to what Master Jih-Chang is telling you?

5. Lamrim discussion class is a profound companion in our lives

Teacher said, “Have you had this experience where, when you were met with an issue in life that you didn’t know what to do, but after listening to Master Jih-Chang’s discourse, you seemed to know what to do. Then when you read the discourse transcript, a particular paragraph hit the bull’s eye on what was bothering us. Thus, the Buddha’s teachings, Master Jih-Chang’s discourse are very profound companions in our lives.”

When Teacher concluded on this topic of “Persevere in attending Lamrim discussion class”, there is a paragraph which is very important, she said, “I ever thought about it this way, the Lamrim class is a miracle onearth!  The miracle in the heaven is unknown, but the miracle on earth is the Lamrim class that Master Jih-Chang had established. All of you are the miracles in the Lamrim class, because of all of you that the Lamrim class happened. Thus, just like you, I cherish the Lamrim class and every one of you, be it big or small class, (I cherish) every student in the class.

Translation and reviewed by: Chong Lee Hiang, Lim Pui Yar, Dawn Chen