Personal Greetings from Teacher


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Dear all beloved Lamrim students, I am here!

The journey to meet one another may not be far but we took more than 10 years to make this happen!

We have gone through a lot of difficulties, anticipation and waiting but we have never changed our initial intention. All Sangha and Lamrim students persevered to follow Shifu’s teachings, through devoting ourselves in supporting the various Dharma Propagation activities to benefit sentient beings. We continuously strive to tame our hearts and minds.  I respectfully applaud everyone’s sincerity and diligence in propagating the Dharma!

It has been 10 years since Shifu had passed on but our longing for him has never ceased.  Now, I have finally returned!

How I wish I could meet up immediately with each and every one of you, to have reunion dinner together, where tears of joy will be shed for this reunion!



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I regret for this hasty trip, but since I am here, I will definitely come again and will come often.  We shall learn, study and discuss Lamrim and other Dharma teachings together, to permeate our body and mind in the vast ocean of the nourishing Sages’ Teachings.  We shall savour the wonderful taste of the nectar of the pure teachings and implore the Dharma raindrops to sprinkle widely across the universe of three million world systems!

I sincerely wish all sentient beings to be free from sufferings and attain happiness!

I will be back very soon!

Translated and reviewed by Eunice Tan and Chiang Sheau Huey