Discover the Beauty Within the Students

In the course of my interaction with many people, I would also make discoveries. What sort of discoveries? I discover the beauty within them. This so-called “the beauty within” may be superficially obscured by other pressing issues. For instance, during this period of time, he could either be facing dreadful situations in his life, suffering from severe poor health conditions, going through intense emotional issues, or having troubled interpersonal relationships, and is mentally quite exhausted.

In such a situation, as a teacher, if you could resolutely point out the other wonderful attributes in his life, and tell him, “This is only one aspect in life. Do you know that you still possess many other wonderful things?” It should be made known to him that he has yet to encounter the other dignified and splendid attributes in his life. In fact, he needs to be convinced constantly. Until such time when he begins to show slight improvements in a certain area, you should immediately give him some encouragement. Such encouragement is by no means superficial. It is a very sincere feeling of rejoice and being deeply moved from the depth of your heart.

For instance, upholding a certain precept is arduous. This requires persistent endurance, gradual and progressive efforts. One day, you will be able to transcend and accomplish what could not be accomplished before.  I always feel deeply moved on hearing this, as I am aware that this very minor improvement is a result of persistent and diligent efforts. Some may probably view this as effortless because every individual’s situation is different. Others may accomplish it effortlessly whereas some may find it extremely taxing. Thus, during this time, give him strength. You should not feel that he is lacking and therefore, have no confidence in him. Instead, discover his strengths.

Amongst those who have received such encouragement, majority will turn out to be what you have encouraged them to be and develop as you wish them to be. I have come across many people who have experienced such similar situations.