BWM Children Carnival


BW Monastery together with Zest Universe Group organized its first Children Carnival. The carnival was help to promote family bonding and multiracial harmony.


The event attracted all range of age groups, races, religion, where everyone gathered like a family.

The volunteers were friendly, as they welcomed everyone with a big smile and patiently guided all participants to play various games.

There were 9 game stations on the 3rd floor. Although the booths were crowded with many people but everyone was patient and enjoyed themselves.

Moreover, after participating in every game and with 8 stamps accumulated, one could win a prize which was easy and fun!

Best of all, there were unlimited delicious snacks for all. Whoa!

4th floor Hall of Jewels was like a mini playground. Joshua and Dawn were the host on that day. They were like big brother and sister to the kids, playing all kinds of games with them such as the Wind Blow Wind , Simon Says, etc.


Face painting, recycled bag coloring, balloon sculptures and ice cream give away were other fun activities there.

However, the most popular one was the bouncing castle! It was amazing to see the children being so energetic, jumping non-stop and playing in it.

Fret not were the parents as there were volunteers were on guard to ensure the children’s safety in the bouncing castle.


Cotton Candy and Popcorn Stalls were the most popular, and many delicious pizza, cakes and biscuits and beverages were served.

The magic show was the highlight of the day and with many more singing and dancing performances of the children group and teachers.


YAZERS—youth group was cordially invited to perform and sing, some of the children enjoyed so much that they danced to the rhythm of music.

The carnival ended with Venerable Dao Ci and Hui Deng giving away the Auspicious Gifts to the 10 luckiest winners.

In short, there were so much fun and delicious food to enjoy at the Carnival. Everyone was taking the opportunity to unwind, to ease, relax and spend time and bonding with their family and friends.

We look forward to bringing more surprises and joy to everyone for the next coming Carnival. See you all!