HEYP 小朋友学到什么了呢?

这次 HEYP 小朋友学到什么了呢?原来... 学习 听闻规理 善知识 与 弟子相 的条件是什么?

共同享用 美味 悅意360 蔬菜 Curry 配新鮮的烤面包。
透过 玩拼图,了解有人引导的时候,图可以比较快完成。体验到有善知识的引导是很重要的,因为自己的能力有限。

What have our HEYP young friends learned this time? As a matter of fact, they have learned: How to listen to the teachings, relying on an excellent teacher and what are the characteristics of a student?

They also enjoyed the delicious 悅意360 freshly baked bread that were made with vegetables and curry ingredients.

Through playing the jigsaw puzzle, they understood that with a person’s guidance, the jigsaw puzzle could be completed in a shorter time. It is critical to understand the importance of an excellent teacher’s guidance because our own strengths are limited.

Tan Heleneng