Harmony Day for Bahai Faith


10th Nov 2018 - BW Monastery was invited to Harmony Day commemorating the birthdays of THE BÁB and BAHÁ'U'LLÁH. Both Dr Teo Ho Pin and Dr Vivian Balakrishna shared on the importance of building harmonious communities through understanding each other’s religions and appreciating the differences between one’s culture. Only through this, will it give rise to peace and harmony in Singapore. This is a great reminder for us Singaporeans that only through peace and inter religious harmony could we ensure a safe environment to nurture our youth and children for a better tomorrow. There was also a dialogue session shed light on the concern on youth engagement and outreach as part of inter religious harmony in Singapore.

We also met up with some of our friends who attended our Interfaith Dialogue. Mr Yin who spoke on Bahai 101.


BW Monastery is working hard to play our part in promoting inter religious harmony in Singapore through our Garden of Faiths - Interfaith Dialogue series! Look out for the upcoming activity and join us if you can!

Reported by:
Jennifer Goh, Vice President for BW Monastery Public Relations