【Listening 听闻 】When someone criticizes you 当别人讲我时


【Listening】 – When someone criticizes you 

If someone criticizes you, you will grumble for three days. You discern it incorrectly due to ignorance! Wouldn’t it be better to leave [that person] alone? If you understand the teaching, whatever others say about you, if he is right, you should be grateful to him because he spoke up so you can improve! If he is wrong, then it is just right for you to practice forbearance - wouldn’t that increase your merits? There can’t be a better opportunity either way; these situations are all your virtuous teachers. However, you don’t view it this way, rather, you grumble in your mind. Thus, others can’t actually harm you; you are the one harming yourself! Why? Ignorance! You took in what should not be believed, this is the root cause; this is the basis of the mistake.


9B 19'00" ~ 19'44" Vol 2 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P29 L1
English Lamrim Vol 1 P56

日常师父法语📡9B 19'00" ~ 19'44" 手抄稿第2册P29 L1

听闻 : 当别人讲我时