【Listening 听闻 】 What do you depend on to transform listening? 听闻靠什么随转?


【LISTENING】 –  What do you depend on to transform listening?

At the moment of hearing we are very pleased and listen with great joy. Once the book is closed, [everything you read] returns to the book again, it goes back into the book again. [Nowadays] it is easier because of the [replay device], so [we] can listen to it again. After you listening to it, [the concept] hasn’t transformed yet. Later, [the text] will teach us how to transform, which is very important! This transformation process comes from contemplation. Thus, this time I mention it specifically: the reason to have rigorous requirement is [to help us transform]. If you just want to listen [without application], there will be other opportunities later - for those who are not ready, there is no need to listen to this yet, [this advice] is very sincere. I will continue to teach, [if you] are unprepared then be prepared before coming back; by that time, great benefits will arise. [I] always wish that, after hearing the teaching this time, everyone can transform accordingly. In order to transform, we have to adjust our entire lifestyle to match [the path of transformation]. This is one of the reasons. When that time comes, you will be able to transcend and practice accordingly; otherwise we will never do so! Actually, the three steps are: hearing, contemplation, and meditation. As for “transformation,” the key is contemplation.


9B 22’40” Vol 2 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P31 L4
English Lamrim Vol 1 P57

日常师父法语📡9B 22’40” 手稿第2册P31 L4

听闻 : 听闻靠什么随转?