【Listening 听闻 】The effect of dharma bliss 法喜的功效



This delight is wondrous delight. This is not saying that today you are capable of great, flowery speeches that people will listen to with great interest, and days later will still linger in their minds. These effects may not necessarily purify our afflictions. Sorry, but this is not true Dharma Bliss. Genuine Dharma Bliss has a kind of “wondrousness” to it. What is its effect? “Your virtue becomes steadfast.” You will be able to focus on Dharma and not be swayed! That is called steadfast! Otherwise, upon hearing, even though the teaching is very logical for you to remove afflictions, once a small situation arises, alas! Pre-occupied by attachment, hostility, and ignorance [the 3 mental poisons], [you are] unable to dwell on the teaching and unable to be steadfast. Therefore, in this kind of situation, if [you are] able to start from the beginning, to recognize the appearance [of afflictions] in the mind stream through your contemplation and experiential application, in the end, even if the three thousand worldsystems are destroyed by the fire of the eon, you will maintain stability in the Quiescent-Light [see book 1 Introductionl: 常寂 光淨⼟ Land-of-Eternally-Quiescent-Light]. These are the proper steps: begin from proper listening.


9B 14'19" ~ 15'30" Vol 2 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P26 L8
English Lamrim Vol 1 P56

日常师父法语📡9B 14'19" ~ 15'30"手抄稿第2册P26 L8

听闻 : 法喜的功效