【The Varieties of Karma 业果】Listen to Buddha or doctor? 听佛还是听医生?


业果 : 听佛还是听医生?【The Varieties of Karma】– Listen to Buddha or doctor?

Therefore, earlier, it has been told to us time and again, that once you have truly gone for refuge to the Three Jewels, who is the great teacher? Who?  The Buddha. And then, Dharma, is the teaching that the Buddha has taught us. The Sangha community, is our fellow practitioners. After we have been ordained, yes, due to the immediacy [of the body], we need to care for our bodies.  But we should not be saying, "This is what the doctor says!" Yes, the doctor said that, we should listen to him.  [How about] Listen to what the Buddha would say?  If the doctor said something that is different from the Buddha, [and you] listen to the doctor, [then you are] wrong. This is something we should understand, this is something we should understand!  And then, this is still secondary.  What we most readily have a problem with, is that we are busy with this all day long. Actually, what are you cultivating?  You are cultivating your body!  Yes, as a result, your body will be cultivated to become even more solid. You will not be able to escape.  You will eternally remain in this cyclic existence.


59A 22'01" ~ 22'56"Vol 8 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P88 LL6
English Lamrim Vol 1 P242

日常师父法语📡59A 22'01" ~ 22'56" 手抄稿第八册P88 LL6

业果 : 听佛还是听医生?