【The Varieties of Karma 业果】Karma that you have accumulated but have not done 增长而非作的业


【The Varieties of Karma】- Karma that you have accumulated but have not done业果 : 增长而非作的业

Normally, we would spend most of our free time being foolish and dull. What do we do? We would chit chat or let our thoughts go wild, thinking of things. What are all these? These are all "accumulated and not done." Whatever that is accumulated and not done, this certainly becomes the type of karma that you will definitely experience. Make a note of this, make a note of this! This is the problem we usually incur most easily. Normally we would just sit there and think, "Um! How do I think about this, how do I think about that..." Even if you did not successfully accomplish it, you are already accumulating. If you become successful, the more there is no need to mention that! Therefore, there has been so many earlier examples... do you remember the story of the golden cat? He just offered three coins. Then he continued to accumulate, continued to be joyful, continued to think of how good it was and he obtained such a great effect. Now what are we constantly thinking in our minds? If you just examine yourself a little, you will know. Thus, here, if we are cultivating, then when we feel that we seem to accord with attachment, oh! [We know that we are] wrong, get rid of it. If we seem to accord with hostility, it's wrong too! However, the most difficult one to remedy is the state of concordance with ignorance! Um, we would just go through the entire day muddle-headed. And it would seem to us that we didn't do anything wrong! You must remedy this, you must remedy it!


59A 18'19" ~ 19'32" Vol 8 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P85 LL1
English Lamrim Vol 1 P241

日常师父法语📡59A 18'19" ~ 19'32" 手抄稿第八册P85 LL1

业果 : 增长而非作的业