Please persevere in taking this medicine


【Explanation of the Confession to the 35 Buddhas Practice - Notice 1】Please persevere in taking this medicine

By Teacher Zhen-Ru, 15/12/2017

Can the 35 Buddhas bring about a breakthrough, when our lives are in a specially difficult state? Be it in terms of physical or spiritual, I feel that for those who have personally carried out the Confession to the 35 Buddhas Practice, they would have direct experience in this. The experience you have gone through in your mind is the best Dharma explanation - the explanation to yourself.

Many years ago, I had explored with Master; Master had always wanted to set up a retirement residence and to provide care for the Sangha members' parents. Actually, at that time, I kept on pondering this matter - rather than getting injections and taking medication after we fall sick, is there a method that would prevent illness before we become ill? Then, I asked many doctors; in any case, for the past many years, I have been exploring for such a method. That is, how can Dharma practitioners care for our bodies, in order to practise supreme enlightenment?

After much consideration and having seen a lot, I finally made a decision that you all must do the Confession to the 35 Buddhas Practice! Many patients do not dare to do this. In addition, there are those whose minds are all curled up for puzzling reasons, they gradually retreat to their rooms and dislike contact with others. In reality, for those with illness, their spirits would eventually also feel lonely, which is a very helpless state. Moreover, we will all have to undergo the suffering of old age, what can we do? When I see the Rinpoche, wow! At age 86, he walks like there is wind under his feet. I have also seen those at age 80, 79 who are doing 500 prostrations each day. I am thinking, this is something we can promote now. It is alright if we are now 50, 60 or even 70 years old; and at 80 years old, we still have 10 more years! We can train in this!

Actually, I made the aspiration many years ago and at that time, I searched for the explanation of the Confession of the 35 Buddhas Practice. After finding it, I requested the Venerables to translate it. The translation and review took a long time. Finally, the explanation is available and I hope to propagate it. However, my explanation is really inferior, thus, I explain it while feeling ashamed. 

I am also like this; actually, I started from 1 prostration. After my earlier serious illness and I could get up, I started with walking first. After you have been ill for a long time, you would no longer know how to walk. When attempting to move the leg forward, you will discover that you want to move forward, but the leg remains standing on its own, it will ignore you. After walking a few times, why does it seem you are still at the original spot? That is, the body no longer follows your orders. It is because I too have the experience of being ill, therefore I can empathize with those who are sick but yet have a tenacious grip on wanting to practice the Dharma. I also wish to repay the parents of the Sangha members as well as all patients - with illness in the mind or body.

Actually, how should I say it? I am very, very grateful to the lineage masters for passing down the Confession to the 35 Buddhas Practice. Furthermore, they have written such wonderful annotations & explanations to enable the listeners to develop confidence. There are also so many monks before us - their practice according to the teachings, their prostrations to Buddha, lead us to move forward in our pursuit, despite the suffering of illness and mental torment and then to transcend these.

If we can find a medicine that is beneficial both physically and spiritually, then I hope that everyone will persevere in taking it.


【三十五佛忏讲记—预告 1】请坚持服用这一味药

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