Everlasting Value


What kind of place is Bliss and Wisdom? It is a place whereby many people learn the Lamrim and practice virtuous deeds together. The reason Master Jih-Chang founded the Lamrim class and the Dharma enterprise was to give layperson a chance to do virtuous deeds and learn the teachings. It is also a place whereby everyone encourages one another. This, is Bliss and Wisdom.

Many people find hope, warmth and a bright future here. These things would not be distorted just from slanders, as I have used my life to experience it with sincerity.   This is also known as virtuous dharma wealth which cannot be snatched away. You yourself would have known how Lamrim has changed your life, how it has given you space, as if allowing us to breath in of a lot of oxygen, and having the Dharma to nourish your life. This feeling and benefit are very real.

Can you change how you feel? Can feelings change? What is the reason for the change in feelings? It is due to the wonderful teachings that Master Jih-Chang has left for us. These teachings are just like gold. When you repeatedly use the teachings, you will feel that it is the first time that you are seeing it. You will be surprised how effective it is in helping us release the burden we have in life. It is just a wonderful thing! There are others who carried torches (light) in search for the teachings but could not find it, yet we have found it. This is such a blessing for us! 

It is still the same words: Diligently carry out virtuous deeds. After doing many virtuous deeds, we will be much happier. We will be able to use wisdom to overcome difficulties. The motivation for practising the teachings is to be happy in all circumstances that we faced. Regardless of the type of circumstances, think of the beauty of the teachings that Master Jih-Chang left with us. I hope that we will be as happy as though we are the richest people on earth. This is because under different situations, we know that the Dharma will always be accompanying us life after life. We will use the Dharma to overcome the difficulties that we face even if others praise or reprimand us.  

Our target in practising the teachings is to be free from suffering which is also known as ignorance, which this leads us to rebirth. Therefore, for the sake of those suffering and all sentient beings, we should find a path, walk the path and follow Master Jih-Chang. This is the reason why we are gathered here today. 

Therefore, practitioners, now is a time for all of us to put the Dharma into practice. As long as you put the Dharma into practice, you will be making great use of your life of leisure and opportunity. Therefore, you should be happy with yourself and with others. Our bond grew stronger with each and every obstacle that we faced. We are doing what our teacher delights in and this is the wish of Master Jih-Chang. Therefore, we should be very happy!




很多人在这里找到了希望、温暖和光明,这些事情是不能因为别人诽谤它就被扭曲的。因为这些东西是我用生命体验过的东西,是在我的心里真诚地经历过的东西,就是所谓的善法财,别人是劫掠不走的。你自己一定知道说,《广论》怎样改变了你的生命,怎样给你自己的生命带来这么大的空间,让我们好像可以吸到很多氧一样,感觉到 "法" 对我们生命的滋养。这个感觉是很真实的,这一份受用也是很真实的。


还是那句话:"努力地在内心中行善吧!" 行很多善之后,我们就快乐多多。学会运用智慧,摆脱当下的困境。我们修行的目标,是为了内心中在各种境界中能够快乐。无论在什么情况下,想到师父留给我们的法的美好,我希望,我们都像拥有好像整个世界的财宝那样的欢喜心。因为在各种境界里,我们都会知道这是永远陪伴我们的东西,甚至可以生生世世陪伴我们。别人赞美我们也好,骂我们也好,我们就继续用法来调伏内心。