Giving students the strength and courage to progress

In educating children to accept others and to allow others to accept ourselves, our teacher will maybe spend a lot of effort. This is because, if a child’s interpersonal relationship with others is not good, he will be very miserable. We have all experienced it when we were younger.

Therefore, in order to nurture children to face themselves, and face the audience, I feel that the support comes from the teacher. The teacher has to play the roles as parents, confidant, companion and also a listening ear in tough times…. Anyway, anything that is beautiful in this world, the teacher has to take on that role! Therefore, if you do not hang in there, the child will also collapse. The young seedling has to be carefully taken care of. Do not be influenced by his ups and downs. You should stand firm in your position – to care for him and give him the strength and courage to progress.


所以如何培养他能够面对自己,面对大众,我觉得这个支撑者就是老师。老师要又当父母、又当心灵的知己、友伴,还有在痛苦的时候的倾听者......,反正世间美好的那一切,老师都要当!因为你不撑着,他就倒了,幼嫩的苗芽需要心心地呵护。不要随着他的心起伏,你要站定自己的位置 ——呵护他,给他前进的力量和勇气。