Refrain From Being Too Demanding On The Students

This topic on “Education” is very profound. I am still learning and exploring. I hope we can learn from each other. Saying this is not out of modesty, it is my very sincere feeling. If the relationship between teachers and students is not manage well, it can turn into opposition. It is because of the continuous demands on the students that, it will make them seem passive and have to follow whatever you want him to do. In this way, the students do not have any freedom and have to follow and grow up in concordance with your requirements. Long after that, he might say: “No!” I’m going to do it my way”. When he decides to do that, you will find that there is a very huge disparity between his and your demands.

At this time he would find that – “You are the one who actually took away all my freedom!” Hence, defeating you may become his aim, and this will probably be one area that makes many teachers feel bitterly disappointed. After going through so much hardships and doing your best in all possible ways to care for the student, yet he could not accept it but instead misunderstood your painstaking efforts. Then what is the meaning of putting in all these efforts? One might be deeply saddened by this. It seems that all teachers have gone through this process.

Translation and review by Shirley Lim and Chiang Sheau Huey