To Love And Care For A Person From Head To Toe

Loving-Care Education is about showing your love and care for a person from head to toe.

Transform yourself from head to toe into someone who truly loves and cares for the other person. Then, your language, eye expressions and actions will naturally exude your loving-care for the person.

Once a student discovers that he is appreciated by the teacher and he holds an important place in the teacher’s heart, he would start to exercise self-discipline.

The ability to appreciate a student, discover his good qualities in life, and even those qualities that he is unaware of, it will enable the child to stand up on his own feet.

In fact, rather than saying we have taught him, it would be better to say that we have discovered him and his qualities.

Translation and review by: Lim Pui Yar, Chiang Sheau Huey, Dawn Chen