Learn To Rely On The Teaching In Order To Obtain Happiness And Support

As a dharma practitioner, we must endeavour to gradually rely on the teaching in order to obtain happiness and support.

The meaning of relying on the teaching is, “Rely upon the teachings of the Buddha to adopt the virtues and to forsake the non-virtues”. When we are able to appropriately adopt and forsake, there will be a sense of happiness arising. Likewise, when we develop the habit of continuously relying on the teaching as the solution to the miseries we face, we will realise that not only will we become stronger, we are also able to live life freely.

Regardless of whether we receive praises or criticisms from others, no one can snatch away our joy when we are able to conquer our mental afflictions through the teaching. In our encounters with the various emotional struggles such as selfishness, fame, self-pitying and self-cherishing, we need to face and conquer them bit by bit through this process of practice.

Translation and review by: Valerie Chau & Dawn Chen