The Odds 又有进步了哦~

这个星期 The Odds 又有进步了哦~ 虽然大部分同学都没有舞蹈底子,但是大家都在自己的能力内把舞步表现的最好,串习认真承事。因为舞蹈讲究“齐”,要“齐”就要注意周围同学的动作并配合。这训练了我们的团队精神,去关顾到队友。特别在视频的开头有一位 Amos 同学在为大家加油打气,这段我们练了多少次,他就鼓励了多少次。很随喜他对这份善行的坚持。在重复又重复的练习中,身心会疲劳,但是因为我们一起,所以相互拉拔不放弃。

This week, The Odds have made improvements again! Despite a lack of dance experience, everyone has always brought their best to present the choreography, while practising to serve diligently.  The nature of the art form requires us to move as one, hence we also have to aim to breathe together and match our teammates' every move. This has also honed our teamwork, as we keep a conscious mind on our teammates. At the start of the video, one of our teammate Amos is seen encouraging everyone. As we practise the same part again and again, he has also encouraged us again and again - rejoice to his consistency in this kind deed. In the repeated practices, we do get physically and mentally tired, but because we are all in this together, we lift each other from giving in.


Shi ZG