The Sangha... My BFF, My Refuge!

Whenever you see your true friends, the Arya Sangha, remember they are true friends to help you on your way.
— Lama Koenchog Yaenlag
In other words, whenever you meet ordinary members of the Sangha or the Arya Sangha, you must regard them as your refuge, as people who help you leave a place of danger. 
— Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand

What does a Best Friend FOREVER (BFF) mean to you?

It takes a lot for me to call someone by BFF. My BFF must be someone who will not judge me for my flaws or mistakes and understands that at my core, I am a good person. He or she must be trustworthy, thoughtful and genuinely cares for my well-being. A BFF stretches, motivate and encourages me to be better. 

I have the chance to learn from the Venerables at BWM and it is only after coming to know their monastic way of life passed down from Buddha's time, their principles, their values and observing how they treat everyone that I come to truly know that a sentient being's best friend is indeed the Sangha. 

Which friend of ours is willing to give up their secular lives of enjoyment and dedicate their youth and lives to learn and propagate the teachings so that you and I can be free from suffering and attain true happiness?

Which friend of ours strives to protect us from harm in this life and our infinite lives ahead?

Which friend of ours is willing to listen to our problems unconditionally and tirelessly teach us the way to happiness? 

Which friend of ours is more concerned about our happiness than ourselves?

Which friend of ours possesses no aura of self- importance and sacrifices himself first for us?

The Sangha showed me in thought, speech and action, what a true friend is. If you knew that there is a group of people, who thinks of benefitting you every single day, in their every waking moment and puts your interest as their motivation in everything that they do, you would be proud to call them your BFF too. 

Yan Ru Teo