Featured Article: THE ODDS... Spreading Positivity & Expressing Faith Through Dance

Seeing the impact of dance on the lives of youths in today's day and age, The Odds started a dance interest group, in hope to give youths a platform to pursue their interest in dance and more importantly, spread positivity through dance. 

Many youths battle with expressing their mind and innermost feelings with words due to low self-esteem or shyness. Dance allows for freedom of self-expression through controlled movements to music. At The Odds, we have seen how many youths blossomed into self-assured individuals through music. 

Those who have danced before, will surely agree with me that dance is meditation in moving form. As one immerses himself in delivering the complex movements of the body, he is freed from his thinking mind that is constantly bombarded by external stimuli and thoughts. When you dance, you focus on the present moment one-pointedly, fully inhabiting your body and getting in touch with your innermost sentiments.

What sets these youth dancers apart from the rest is that they dance to songs that allow them to express their faith. Each dance practice leaves them being in touch with their hearts more. Of late, the dancers have been honing their dance skills for the song "Coming Home", an original composition that speaks the hearts of BWM Youths. With each practice, these youths come closer to expressing their journey of finding themselves and strengthening their faith in this monastery they call home.

Here's a sneak peek of The Odds' performance of their original composition "Coming Home" at JOYOUS RHAPSODY 2017 VOICES OF THE HEART.  Let these youth dancers touch your hearts with dance that comes from the soul...

~ D.C.

Yan Ru Teo