THROWBACK to Young Adults Ministry Service| 《HE DID NOT CHOOSE TO HURT ME》 | 22 JUL | SAT |

Last Saturday, we gathered to learn about the practice of patience. More often than not, we are unable to extinguish our anger and hostility towards those who hurt us because we fervently hold on to the belief that those who hurt us , hurt us intentionally.

In this service, we challenged this false belief and debunked it with lines of reasoning from Buddha's teachings.

Our harm-doers really have no self control in the act of hurting me because:

  1. He is controlled by his afflictions. 
  2. If he had self-control, he would not have any suffering because he would not want suffering and could control it.
  3. Even if he knew it was wrong to hurt you, he does not have self control in the act of doing so because we are often governed by our emotions, not our minds. Immediate gratification often overrides our thoughts and reasoning.
  4. He hurt me because the causes and conditions are ripe. (Recap: There are six causes of afflictions)
  5. He committed the non-virtuous deed of hurting me and he will surely suffering the consequences of suffering from that. I should not join him by reacting with thoughts, speech and actions of hostility because I do not want suffering from the resultant negative karmic fruition.
  6. When people are moved by strong afflictions, they hurt even their greatly cherished and dear selves. How can we expect them not to harm others?

With the false belief "I should be angry at my harm-doer for he intentionally hurt me" debunked, we are one step closer to practicing patience towards our harm-doers.  

May we, in face of suffering inflicted upon us by our harm-doers, fear only of losing compassion for our torturers.

Yan Ru Teo