Live Your Now.

The past has past, no matter what kind of horrid things happened to you or what regretful things you did before, it is over. You can't turn back time or undo it, it is done. 

The future is yet to come and unforeseen. We have forecasted goals to work towards but it is not fully within our control due to causes and conditions (from our past actions).

Thus, the only moment you can truly grasp is *NOW.* This very moment is what we can control. What can we control? Not our circumstances. We can't control the weather or how others treat us etc. However, what we can truly control NOW is our thoughts, our speech, our actions- the seeds we sow. Choose to plant a virtuous seed in your every "Now"

If we can be mindful and grasp *NOW*, there is no way that our life can be miserable. For we will be confident, that every single moment of NOW is never passed in vain. And the past and future will be made up of countless moments of glorious *NOWs*. 

Take heart, happiness is real. It is attainable. And it starts from... Now.


Yan Ru Teo