BW Monastery Offering to Sangha!

BW Monastery: The perfect completion of our Offering to the Sangha ceremony. Rejoice!

Posted by BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 on Saturday, 12 August 2017

On a sunny Sunday morning of 13 August,  BW Monastery hosts an offering ceremony to sangha who hail from all over Singapore and overseas.  This is the 1st sangha offering at our Monastery since its opening.  It is held on Hall of Treasure on the Monastery 4th floor.

All donors today are in high spirits and ready for offerings to sangha well before the start of ceremony at 10:45 am.

Ceremony started with BW Monastery  choir singing an  insightful praises titled Prostrate to Buddha & Treasure of Triple Gems. 

Head of Public Relations of BW Monastery, Mr Kok Chee Choon gives an opening welcome follow by recitation of sutra.  

It is a stately sight as the 1st group of  donors march up orderly to make their offerings of food to the sangha sitted on red velvet chairs. The sangha members then proceed to partake their offered meals in silence, as in their solemn practices. The 2nd group offers fresh fruits as desert,  and the 3rd offers red packets.

When all sangha finish their meals, a ritual chant is performed to bless & mark the end of the ceremony.

At the end, Monastery officials present a farewell gift to each of the sangha.

BW Monastery: Heartfelt sharings of our Donors after the Offering to Sangha event.

Posted by BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 on Saturday, 12 August 2017
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