Gift Of Loving-Kindness By BWM Sangha & Laities 僧俗二众,送爱礼包

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On a sunny Saturday morning of 6th July, the Sangha community and students of BW Monastery were led by Our President, Venerable Ben Wen, to distribute gifts and vouchers to the low-income families and elderly people living in Admiralty vicinity. Full of care and blessings was given, as an old lady staying alone felt deeply touched and teared with joy when our Venerables exuded concern and care for her.

I was very touch too when I saw this, although it was just a little gift to them. There are still many of such residents in this area who need us to care. May the team continues to show love and give warmth to the residents.

This is also a very important opportunity for cultivating loving-kindness and compassion in our lives. Thankful and with gratitude.