Auspicious Puja - 8 September 2019 (Every Sunday 9.30-10.45am)


As early as 8.30 am, volunteers assembled at the Hall of Jewels to prepare for the Auspicious Puja. They arranged the chairs, tables, audio visual aids, tea reception and many more. An hour later, the hall was resonant with the enchanting melody. This energised everyone who were entering the hall!

Everyone was captivated by Venerable Bensi when he gave a discourse on how to develop genuine concern for others. To achieve this, we need to observe the kindness of others and remember the kindness that others as shown us. Next, Venerable Bensi guided everyone through kindness and gratitude meditation.


This week topic ‘Why does love turn into hatred’ was thrown to the floor for discussion. After three participants took turns to share their views on the topic, Venerable Zusheng shared the usual root cause of our hatred. That is, we placed too much expectations on our love ones. Love evolved into hatred when these expectations were not met. Venerable Zusheng used the analogy of our shadow to further illustrate our unreasonable expectations.


This Sunday we will be discussing 'How to control your anger before it controls you?' Join us this Sunday at the Monastery to find out!Stay Connected with us!

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