Old age does not mean ending; it is closer to a new beginning.


Does old age mean “ending”? Life is infinite. As in order to have a better life than the current one, what should I do now? Karma will be the best guarantee. Make good use of the present moments to do good deeds, create a conducive environment for having teachers, Dharma and fellow virtuous friends in order to harvest wonderful fruits (outcome).


Today (22/7/2018), the Evergreen Class V held a graduation ceremony at the KH Plaza classroom of the BW Monastery.  Li WenMing, the class monitor, specially invited Venerable RuQuan and Venerable YuanMan to attend and present the certificates to the elderly.


Venerable RuQuan said, “Old people will think that one can work hard while still alive. Old age does not mean ending. Instead, it is closer to a new beginning. We must look at this matter positively and take responsibility of our future."


"There is nothing we bring with us, except our karma." No matter what happens in front of you, whether it is good or bad, the pain and worry in life, it is unimportant. The most important thing is to grasp the present moment and do good; plant better causes for your future.


Hope that everyone  cherishes the good times of learning the dharma!