No tickets to NDP...fret not! Come join BWM’s uniquely Singaporean ND celebrations!

Singapore springs to exuberance on National Day, as the country remembers its colourful rise to independence and economical success. You will know it is near when you start crossing paths more frequently with the Singapore flag and creative merchandises, which are mainly in the symbolic colours of red and white.

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Want to celebrate but didn't get tickets to the National Day Parade? Fret not! 
We got you covered with a few days of activities that will please the patriotic desires in you. Apart from partying, there are plenty of meaningful things you can do as you soak in the festive atmosphere. 

On the 9th, 11th and 12th August, head down for a double-up celebration of the nation’s birthday as well as BW Monastery’s 1st Anniversary! The anniversary not only celebrates our own illustrious history but also all of the people and stories throughout the years that have inspired us to stay true to our mission – to benefit all sentient beings with the propagation of Dharma teachings and imparting virtues to the society.

Admission is FREE of course ☺ we are getting your registration so we know how we can cater to your comfort and feed you well. So .. drop us your sign up NOW!

A Puja of Blessings for Singapore. As we celebrate our nation’s 53rd birthday, we should always not forget that a peaceful, harmonious and prosperous Singapore did not come easy. Our pioneers devoted their lives and made use of every single advantage we had to give us a hopeful and promising future.  Because no happiness is independent of our surroundings, come join BW Monastery for this public holiday as we gather to sincerely supplicate and seek blessings for many more blessed days ahead. A stable nation; more harmonious families; and a happier you.

1) BWM Anniversary Blessings for the Nation – prosperous and bright
2) BWM Anniversary Medicine Buddha Grand Repentance – healing and hope
3) BWM Anniversary Auspicious Puja Special Edition (Bilingual) 

Expressing your love
In between the auspicious rituals, games and snacking, there's nothing like injecting some well wishes and blessings for your nation <3
-Offering of bells
-Filling up aspirations cards
-Wish-making pond
-Tea-serving to show gratitude for parents

No NDP celebration is complete without munching on local delights and having ball loads of fun! Play it your parents’ (the old school) way: Ultra fun games such as Tikam Tikam and Yank Me, were part of your parents’ schooling days. 

Don’t you think it’s lame until you try and beat them at it! Time for some friendly family time!
Double the happiness with local delights available from 11am to 1.30pm on 9th August 2018.  Join us @ BW Monastery this National Day holiday!

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