New Year Eve overnight Diamond Sutra Chanting


The recitation of The Diamond Sutra was led by Venerable Ru Quan, who started with a short discourse that this chanting session is different from the usual ones because this time, the chanting will be continued into a new year. This symbolises an auspicious start to a great year. Venerable Ru Quan also shared that it is very meaningful that we have the opportunity to make use of our treasured human life to take part in this chanting.

Before starting the chanting session, we can reflect on our mistakes or what we have done poorly, as well as what we have done well or have shown improvement, and we can also make the aspiration to improve ourselves.

It would be a waste if we do not maximise the benefits of chanting a sutra, and the best way to reap these benefits by chanting with utmost sincerity. How do we give our utmost sincerity? Venerable Ru Quan shared that the sutras should be treated as if it is the Buddha himself, and not just treat it as a book.

When chanting, it must be remembered to look at each word clearly, with a clear and focused mind and to recite each word clearly.

With this motivation set well by Venerable Ru Quan, many devotees that filled the Hall of Jewels then proceeded to chant the Diamond Sutra, marking an beautiful auspicious start into the new year.