Auspicious Lights Festival was really splendid! Light offerings, Blessing sessions and Thousand Buddhas Prayers Ceremony


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The 1st day of 2018 was the last and also the 3rd consecutive day of BW Monastery’s Lights Festival. Apart from the respective blessing sessions for the supplication for good health, wisdom and good fortune at the Grand Shrine Hall (1st floor), Thousand Buddhas Prayers Ceremony was also concurrently held at the Hall of Jewels (4th floor). Attendees hoped that, by prostrating to the Thousand Buddhas and through supplication for blessings, everyone would have a good beginning and be blessed throughout the year.


The Thousand Buddhas Prayers Ceremony began at 9am and ended at 4.30pm. Venerable Bensi presided over the prayers ceremony. Following his New Year greetings to all present, he expounded that the cause for happiness is cultivating virtuous acts. As everyone has indeed done a pure and virtuous act at the start of the year, and in order to exhort everyone’s joyful feeling, Venerable also guided us on the greater significance of developing the motivation of the 2 causes of going for refuge (fear of suffering and hope to be saved and protected [by the Three Jewels]) whilst prostrating to the Thousand Buddhas.

The blessing sessions, on the other hand, had a different liveliness to it. From the supplication for good health to good fortune, there was nothing lacking to satisfy everyone’s demand.


That night’s grand finale was the closing ceremony of the Auspicious Lights Festival. Venerable Bensi rejoiced everyone for having planted a virtuous cause for happiness by choosing to offer lights to the Three Jewels, made an aspiration, offering of bells, supplication for blessings and prostration to the Thousand Buddhas. In doing so, this year would certainly be more blessed and happier than last year. Simultaneously, Venerable also encouraged everyone to cultivate Buddha’s perfect wisdom and compassion, as this would effectively lead us out of suffering and attain ultimate happiness.

In conclusion, Venerable encouraged everyone to attend the various talks and Dharma classes organized by the monastery, for our spiritual advancement that would lead us to a blessed and happy daily life.
Though the Auspicious Lights Festival has ended, the light in our hearts would illuminate continuously to direct us forward. Year 2018 will definitely be a good year!