BW Monastery - End of Sangha Summer Retreat: 88 Buddhas Repentance Puja & Vast Offering

5 Sept 2017- 11am-12pm at BW Monastery Level 4 Hall of Jewels.

The "88 Buddhas Repentance Verses" is one of the main Buddhism repentance verses being recited in Chinese land. The 88 Buddhas consist of the past 53 Buddhas in the samsara world as well as the current 35 Buddhas in the ten directions. The 88 Buddhas can be the main object of individuals' repentance. Hence, by repenting sincerely and respectfully recalling the 88 Buddhas to mind, it  will allow all sentient beings to eliminate all karmic obstacles, increase bliss, wisdom and immeasurable merits.

Why do we want to make offering? 

Through making offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, who are of the purest merit fields, we will be able to accumulate vast merits and have smooth conditions for all we want to accomplish. 

As indicated in Lamrim Chenmo page 197:
By recalling the great kindness of the three jewels, strive to worship them constantly, and offer the first portion of your food and drink. 
The 《King of Concentrations Sūtra》: Though they obtain food due to the buddhas' merit, The childish do not repay their kindness. Thus, knowing that all the temporary happiness and certain goodness that you experience, symbolized by food, are due to the kindness of the three jewels, you should make offerings with the intention of repaying their kindness.

Vast Offering

Vast Offering

Shi ZG