Master Jih-Chang's Memorial Day Light Offering Ceremony- A memory that cannot be erased even with the passage of time


Since the inauguration of the BW Monastery, this was the first time a Light Offering Ceremony was held on Master Jih-Chang’s Memorial Day.

Venerable Bensi led the mass congregation to first pay homage to the Triple Gem, followed by taking refuge, and making offerings to the Triple Gem. Venerable reminded everyone that we have a precious treasure within each of us, that allowed us to learn and practice Dharma – a perfect human life of leisure and opportunity. On top of that, we have also met with a group of virtuous friends to learn Dharma together. To meet with such a confluence of factors is indeed very rare and difficult to come across. It is only due to Master’s compassion that we are able to meet with such a rare opportunity. Hence, we must show our utmost joy and gratitude towards Master.

Venerable Daoci encouraged everyone that every thought needs to be that of gratitude. We should always look after our own thoughts, constantly reminding ourselves to have the right view. This is one way where we repay the kindness to our Master.

Venerable Benwen reminded everyone that we should frequently examine our hearts and minds, checking whether we are walking up the path of definite goodness. We need to know whether we are creating virtue or eliminating non-virtue. Such a wisdom is all coming from Master’s teachings. At the beginning stages, we may not be aware of it, but once we embark on a step-by-step learning process, we can then observe the changes within our minds. When our minds evolve, our lives will also change, and we can then progress along the virtuous path life after life.

Towards the end of the ceremony, amidst the array of lighted candles, the glow within the hearts of all the disciples coalesced into a single ocean of dazzling luminance of gratitude. United as one, everyone was reverently paying homage to our respected Master. There was the strong wish for the rapid return of Master to lead students to continuously learn the teachings of Buddha, thereby bringing the true Dharma to the hearts of every life, bringing light of wisdom to one’s mind as well as others.