【The Varieties of Karma 业果】Karma that you may only possibly experience 不定受业


【The Varieties of Karma】- Karma that you may only possibly experience

Why does this part specifically expound on karma that you may only possibly experience, that you may only possibly experience?  Though you have done it, you do not have to experience the effect of it.  What are they?  Let us take a look.  "That done unknowingly," that done unknowingly, in other words, you have no idea it happened.  "That done in a dream," we have talked about this earlier.  "That not done intentionally," for instance, a bug comes to bite you, you did not even know, and eh, you smacked and killed it.  Yes, at that time, you certainly were not fully aware of things.  You just felt that something was biting you, "Eh!" Just like that and you did it.  At that time, you did not intend on it, this was the situation.  But you should not say, "Ah, this is done unintentionally!" What comes next becomes intentional.  This is something we need to make a clear distinction of!  Thus, the subjective aspects of the mind are very subtle, very subtle!  Do not be saying, ah, this is that, yes, yes, yes... so after you smacked it, you would just say, "I did not intend to do that anyway."  That i's the time when you should actually feel regret. Therefore, how you feel afterwards, actually indicates how you have done it previously.  There is already a difference between them, [judging from the two types of reactions].  Every part of this is very subtle. 


59A 13'20" ~ 14'24" Vol 8 of Master Jih-Chang’s Discourse P83 L3
English Lamrim Vol 1 P241

日常师父法语📡59A 13'20" ~ 14'24" 手抄稿第八册P83 L3

业果 :不定受业