• President – Mr. ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Tan Gek Lian

  • 2nd Vice President – Ms. Ho Siew Kum

  • Secretary – Mr. Lim Tiong Boon

  • Assistant Secretary – Ms. Tay Siew Yee

  •  2nd Assistant Secretary – Mr. Lin Tiong Meng

  • Treasurer  – Mr. Ho See Hwee

  • Assistant Treasurer – Mr. Hsu Chong Tien

  • 2nd Assistant Treasurer – Ms. Mau Sze Yin

  • General Affairs Officer – Mr. Lim Jue Meng

  • Assistant General Affairs Officer – Mr. Tan Ah Hee

  • Board Member – Mr. Loh Siew Kok

  • Committee Member – Mr. Teo Seng



Venerable Ben Wen


  • Born in year 1964
  • Diploma in Business Admin
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Studied Lamrim since 2003, became Class Monitor of Buddhist Study Group and subsequently ordained

Venerable Xian Hao
Vice president


  • Born in year 1965
  • Graduated from Malaysian Buddhist Institute in 1990, Ordained by Venerable Ji Ci
  • Studied Lamrim since 1992

Ng Ee Teck
Honorary President


  • Born in year 1953
  • High School Graduate, vast experience in learning from Senior Venerables (e.g. Senior Venerable Yan Pei)
  • Undertook Samanera precept in 1983
  • Studied Lamrim since 1988
  • Pursued Buddhist Studies since 1994; Started Study Groups in Lamrim classes, Head of Dharma Propagation, Class Monitor
  • Present Lecturer of BW Monastery

Boon Chuan Bok
Honorary President


  • Born in year 1953
  • Graduated in Nanyang University – Faculty of Commerce (Accountancy)
  • Former Group Finance Manager of Listed Company, Finance Director
  • Pursued Buddhist Studies in BW Monastery since 1997
  • CEO of BW Monastery 2003-2007, Class Monitor, Finance Manager
  • Present Lecturer of BW Monastery

Tan Tong Eng
Honorary President


  • Born in year1960
  • Graduated from National University of Singapore – Bachelor’s Degree in Physics
  • Multi-Award Winner of “Millionaire Club” and “Excellence in Leadership” in Insurance Company
  • Involved in writing up the “Seven-Year Main Plan” when S’pore Civil Defence was newly set up
  • Studied Lamrim since 2001
  • Former Head of Department for Kindness Propagation, Head of Dharma Propagation and Class Monitor in BW Monastery
  • Chief Executive Officer of BW Monastery from 2007-2016
  • Present Lecturer of BW Monastery, Managing Committee Consultant, Head of Lecturer Group, Head of Sangha/Bliss and Wisdom Edupark School Care Group