Teacher’s Discourse: The truth behind sufferings


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When everyone feels devastated and in desperation, Master Jih-Chang will always smile widely.

As a lay-person, we will always see the sufferings we face as it is. However, in reality, you are doing something very glorious, which is going through the process of to be free from suffering.

If we can always have this motivation, when we are facing difficulties, we will be able to feel happy and smile widely, just like Master Jih-Chang.

In fact, every wonderful feeling and wide smile that came from Master would be the time when everyone felt most desperate, devastated. In another words, recognize that this life of sufferings will provide us with exceptional strength. Hence, Master was able to become undefeatable. Why is that so?

This is because he had chosen karma correctly and would not lose himself in handling issues or people’s misconceptions. He always had the sharpest vision and using his precise vision, he was very cautious of his next step.

Where would every step lead him to? If we can always motivate ourselves to have the right view, Master mentioned, if we tire ourselves (for Dharma) until we look skinny in this life, but in future lives, we will not have sufferings anymore. If we do not do anything in this life and we enjoy life daily just as we like, once our merits deplete, we will definitely fall (into the miserable realms).

Therefore, when I see that you all are exhausted from working hard, I do feel sorry, yet at the same time I feel blessed for you all. This is because, finally you are on the path, because of all sentient beings and dharma enterprise, you are willing to undergo and endure the suffering to this extent. This is truly your merit field, very meritorious. I am also practicing this, and the number of issues we all are facing are similar.

Therefore, in this area, if we are always able to rejoice with ourselves, and to monitor our mind and intention, we will be able to become stronger with every set-back, which are also sturdy practice.