In October, I present to you a maple leaf


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A Dharma Master’s compassionate message for her students to motivate them with the portrayal of an accomplished Dharma practitioner’s awe-inspiring state of mind and fearless vigour.

October, in the North, the sky is high and boundless.

The clouds continue to display a variety of changing shapes in the sky.

Similar to an unconstrained picture scroll, freely unfolding its graceful expressions.

October, it’s autumn in Canada.

The maple leaves are in full red,

whilst my thoughts are with all of you;

how is everyone doing?

On the river bank, at the edge of the bridge, maple trees of varying heights stand tall and graceful.

One by one, each maple presents her full blossom of scarlet, deep and mild red.

This fiery scenery is so captivating

and leaves one lingering while singing praises !

Yet, there is one tree that surprises with her multicoloured yellow, light green, light red and scarlet.

Such pleasing diversity of beautiful leaves.

The yellow is elegant, the light green tranquil, the light red charming.

Those maple leaves, magnificent like red corals, are swaying amongst the spectrum of colours.

Those scarlet leaves that waltz with the wind amid the blue sky and green earth

are singing inspiring songs of praises like the joyously persevering skylark.

As the cool wind intensifies, chillness invades and the forest woods bare their thin branches,

the maple dresses up in her best colours.

Standing tall on the earth, she gives her all to the world, gladdening our hearts.

That spring and summer collection of zeal springs forth in full glory;

akin to an awakening of one’s mind after a long practice, wherein the flowers of enlightenment burst forth,

giving out Bodhicitta leaves in glorious red and offering solace to all lives.

As a faithful guardian of the brilliant autumn season,

the maple displays her captivating beauty

in full splendour within the autumn landscape

to become the earth’s most dazzling poetry.

In October, I present to you a maple leaf;

do not forget a practitioner’s vigour.

Even as the autumn wind intensifies and the chill sinks in,

we should pour out all our enthusiasm and bloom like the maple tree in brilliant hues.

The maple tree stands between heaven and earth in fiery red,

and is ardent due to every one of her scarlet leaves.

Similarly, when we encounter adversities and embarrassment, we should leverage on virtuous thoughts

to transform such negative conditions into instruments on our path of practice, thereby strengthening the practice of our mind.

Just like this maple leaf,

let’s transform the negative conditions into favourable ones to aid us in making aspirations in the face of adversities,

such that our practice may shine brilliantly to our hearts’ content, amid the cold wind! Let’s wholeheartedly nurture the excellent strength of the Mahayana practice

to reach for that profound, bright blue sky of Emptiness.