for BW Monastery’s Students, Donors, Volunteers and Members

This Privacy Policy relates to personal data collected, used and disclosed (“processed”) by BW Monastery and its satellite centres, referred to in this policy as “BWM” or “We“.

Personal Data in this Privacy Policy includes any data about an individual who can be identified from that data such as your name, NRIC, passport or other identification number, telephone numbers, address, email address and any other information relating to individuals, which you have provided to us.


The purposes (“purposes”) for which BWM processes personal data include the following as may be applicable to you:

  • process, administer, facilitate, maintain and/or manage your relationship with BWM as a member, volunteer, programme participant, beneficiary, student and/or donor;

    1. provide you with the services you have requested and maintaining our relationship with you;

    2. operational purposes including assessing your suitability for subsidies, grants, programmes and services, and statistical analysis;

    3. provide you with materials on BWM’s activities, products, programmes and services and/or those of third parties with whom BWM may collaborate;

    4. solicitations and other communications pertaining to needs and donations and sale of products and services;

    5. supporting, dealing with and/or administering your health, medical and welfare requirements;

    6. identity verification, sanctions screening and due diligence checks as may be required under applicable law, regulation or directive;

    7. conducting market research and surveys with the aim of improving our products, programmes, services and operations;

    8. to comply with law or regulation, including requests from local or foreign regulators, government, tax or law enforcement authorities;

    9. for the prevention and detection of crime (including, without limitation, money laundering, terrorism and fraud prevention, detection and prosecution);

    10. to seek professional advice, including, in connection with any legal proceedings (including any prospective legal proceedings), for obtaining legal advice or for establishing, exercising or defending legal rights;

    11. for marketing purposes;

    12. for surveillance of premises.


Generally, we collect personal data in the following ways:

  • when you submit any forms, including but not limited to application and declaration forms;

    1. When you enter into any agreement or provide other documentation or information in respect of your interactions with us, or when you use our services, make a donation or purchase any of our products;

    2. When you interact with our staff, including customer service officers, marketing representatives and agents, for example, via telephone calls, letters, fax, face-to-face meetings and email;

    3. When you use our services provided through online and other technology platforms, such as websites, intranet and apps, including when you establish any online accounts with us;

    4. When your images are captured by us via CCTV cameras while you are within our premises or via photographs or videos taken by us or our representatives when you attend events hosted by us;

    5. When you are contacted by, and respond to, our marketing representatives and agents and other service providers;

    6. When you submit an employment application or when you provide documents or information including your resume and/or CVs in connection with any purpose;

    7. When we receive your Personal Data from collaborating entities, business entities, public agencies, your employer and other third parties;

    8. When you use our electronic services, or interact with us via our websites or use services on our websites;

    9. When we seek information from third parties about you in connection with your relationship with us, including job applications or application to be a representative, for example, from your ex-employer and the relevant authorities;

    10. When you register for our events or promotions, purchases a product or service; and/or

    11. When you submit your Personal Data to us for any other reasons.

Please note the following:

  • If you provide to us Personal Data relating to a third party (e.g. information of your dependent, spouse, children and/or parents) to us, you represent and warrant that the consent of that third party has been obtained for the collection, use and disclosure of the Personal Data for the purposes listed above.

  • You should ensure that all Personal Data (whether that of your own or of a third party) submitted to us is complete, accurate, true and correct. Failure on your part to do so may result in our inability to provide you (or such third party) with products and services you (or such third party) have requested.

  • You should update us in a timely manner of all changes to the information provided to us.

  • If you do not wish the cookies in our website to collect information about you (for example, store your preferences and record session information), you can adjust settings on your browser so that you will be notified when you receive a cookie. Should you wish to disable the cookies associated with these technologies, you may do so by changing the settings on your browser. However, by doing so, you may not be able to see certain functions or enter part(s) of our websites.


BWM will take reasonable steps to protect your personal data against un-authorised disclosure. Subject to any applicable law, we may disclose Personal Data for any of the purposes specified above to:

  1. any officer, employee, agent or director of BWM, professional advisers, collaborating entities, third party service providers, agents or independent contractors providing services to support BWM’s programmes and services,and operations, under a duty of confidentiality to BWM;

  2. any person to whom disclosure is allowed or required by law, regulation or any other applicable instrument;

  3. any court, tribunal, regulator (including national and/or international regulator), enforcement agency, exchange body, tax or other authority where we are required to do so by applicable law and/or regulation; any authority or regulator; any directive, order or request of any authority or regulator; or any agreement with a regulator or an authority;

  4. relevant government authorities, ministries, statutory boards and agencies;

  5. any other party to whom you authorise us to disclose your personal data to.

You may in writing withdraw your consent given for any or all purposes set out in this Privacy Policy by emailing to If you withdraw your consent to any or all of the purposes, BWM may not be in a position to continue to provide our services to you or to your family members. BWM has the right to consider your withdrawal a termination by you of any contractual relationship which you may have with us, and a breach of your contractual obligations or undertakings, as the case may be.


Personal data may be transferred to, or stored at, a location outside of Singapore.

The security of your personal data is important to us. BWM will put in place with the necessary technical and organisational security measures to safeguard your personal data as required by the law.


We retain personal data in accordance with legal, regulatory, business and operational obligations.


If we were already in possession of your personal data prior to 2 July 2014, we may have been using your personal data to provide information of BWM’s services and appeals for support in BWM activities and donation drives, sale and promotion of products.

As a customer of BWM you have the opportunity to make marketing choices. Please inform us accordingly by emailing to


You have the right to request a copy of the personal data processed in relation to you and to request that any inaccurate data be corrected. If you wish to exercise this right, please call the personnel listed below at Tel: 6547 1580 or send a request by emailing to BWM is allowed by law to charge you a fee for a copy of your personal data.

By telephone:
You can contact the following staff in-charge at Tel: 6547 1580.

Personal DataData Privacy Officers

Students/MembersPEH Mei Lan

Donors/VolunteersPEH Mei Lan

Others/PEH Mei Lan

By Mail:

The Data Privacy Officer
BW Monastery
No. 1 Woodlands Drive 16, Singapore 737764


BWM reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and will place notice of any such amendments on our website or at our branches or via other suitable methods.

2nd JULY 2014







  • 进行、管理、促进、维持和/或处理会员、义工、节目参与者、受益者、学员和/或捐助者;

    1. 提供您所需求的相关服务及维持我们与您的关系;

    2. 为了经营上的用途,包括评估您可享用的津贴、补助金、节目和服务,以及资料统计与分析;

    3. 提供吉祥寺活动、产品、节目及服务,和/或与我们有关联、合作的第三方的宣传材料;

    4. 向您征集和其他与通讯有关的需求和捐赠,以及提供您产品的销售与售后服务;

    5. 针对个人保健、医疗及福利有关的要求予以支援、处理和/或实施

    6. 在法律、条例或指令的要求下配合调查而提供您的资料进行身份辨认、制裁筛查及严密审查。

    7. 使用您的资料以进行市场的研究及调查,从而改进我们的产品、节目、服务及运作。

    8. 为了遵守法律或条规,包括任何本地或外地的监管机构、政府、税务或执法部门的请求而向相关单位提供您的资料;

    9. 为了预防及检测犯罪案(包括没有额度限制的交易、洗黑钱、恐怖主义及欺诈的预防、检测及起诉);

    10. 为了寻求专业建议,包括任何跟法律程序有关联 (含任何潜在的法律诉讼),以获得法律咨询或建立、实施和保护法律权利;

    11. 为了进行市场销售;

    12. 为了监控我们服务范围的质量。



  • 当您填写任何表格,包括(但不限于)申请表格及申报表;

    1. 当您订立任何协议或通过与我们互动、享用我们提供的服务、捐赠或购买我们的任何产品时而提供文件或资料给我们;

    2. 当您通过电话、书信、传真、面议、电邮与我们的职员(包括客户服务员、销售代表和代理商);

    3. 当您通过互联网和其他科技的平台来使用我们的服务,例如:网站、内部网络和应用程序,包括当您与我们建立的任何互联网上的户口;

    4. 当您在我们的大楼范围内,影像被我们的闭路摄像机捕捉到,或在参加我们所举办的活动时,您的照片或视频由我们的摄影师纳入镜头;

    5. 当我们的销售代表和代理商,以及其他提供服务的商家与您取得联系后,而您也给予了回应;

    6. 当您呈报求职表格或与此相关的任何原因,而提供了文件或资料给我们,包括您的履历表和/或个人的背景资料;

    7. 当我们从合作单位、业务单位、公共机构、您的雇主和其他第三关联方收到您的个人资料;

    8. 当您采用我们的电子服务,或通过网站与我们交流,或采用我们网站所提供的服务;

    9. 当我们通过第三者寻求您与我们有关的信息,包括求职申请或申请为我们的代表,比如:从您的前雇主和其他相关部门取得此信息;

    10. 当您登记参与我们的活动或促销、购买产品或服务;和/或

    11. 当您由其他任何原因所呈报给我们的个人资料。


  • 若您所提供的个人资料中含第三方的资料(例如:受赡养养者、配偶、孩子和/或父母),就表示您可代表他们及保证已经取得他们的同意让我们蒐集、使用及披露这些个人资料作为以上所列出的用途

  • 您必须确保所提供给我们的个人资料(无论是个人或第三方)是完整、准确、真实及正确的;否则将导致我们无法应您(或第三方)的需求为您提供产品和服务

  • 若您所提供给我们的信息有任何更改,您应该尽早联络我们以更新您的个人资料。

  • 若您在浏览我们的网站时不希望接收小型文字档案(cookies)(比如:储存您的喜好及记录您查看信息的状态)您可以调整浏览器的设置。如此一来每当您接收到cookie时就会获得通知。 若您希望禁止这些科技与cookie链接,你可更改浏览器的设置,然而,这样做之后您可能就无法看到我们网站上的某些功能或进入我们某些部分的网站。



  • 任何官员、雇员、吉祥寺的代理人或董事、专业顾问、合作机构、第三方的服务供应商、代理商或提供节目和服务以及业务运作给吉祥寺的承包商,吉祥寺都有义务保障个人资料的机密性是符合所制定的要求。

    1. 任何获得允许的人或应法律、法规的需求或任何其他适用的管道都可披露;

    2. 任何法院、法庭、监管机构(包括国家和/或国际监管机构)、执行机构、交易官方、税务或其他要求我们必须根据法律和/或法规这么做的机关;任何机关或监管机构;任何机构或监管机构的指令、命令或要求;或任何与监管机构或机关所达成的协议;

    3. 相关的政府当局、政府部门、法定机构及办事处;

    4. 任何其他您已授权我们向他透露您的个人资料的人。










您有权利需求一份有关个人资料的副本,以及需求修改任何不正确的信息。若您希望执行这项权利,请播电话至6547 1580与下列的人员联系或电邮至 提出您的请求。在法律上,吉祥寺可以向您收取提供个人资料副本的费用。








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