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Throwback to BW Monastery's Youth Core Leaders Meeting last Thursday in preparation for our inaugural Young Adults Conference in November!

Driven by the motivation to help young adults like us practice buddhist values at our workplace, something that poses as a challenge for most young working adults, we gathered to conceptualise and plan for a conference of panel discussions that addresses these pertinent issues.

Amidst our meeting, TJJ's phone rang and we were all caught by surprise by the person at the end of the call. It was Venerable Jing Yuan. Little did we expect him to call us as he was overseas and most of us probably felt that the meeting was too insignificant to warrant so much attention from our dearest Venerable, who has so much on his plate to care about.

I dare say that every single one of us present at the meeting felt his care. Not just his care for us, but his care for all sentient beings, specifically the young ones, who have or have yet encountered Buddha's teachings. He gave us encouragement and threw us some questions to spark our thoughts about reaching out to more youths around the North where our Monastery is situated at and how to create platforms and activites to positively impact the youth community in Singapore with Buddhism.

— 吉祥青年干部

We are so very blessed to have Venerable Jing Yuan, our mentor, to guide us and be there with us every step of the way. We aspire to be like the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, our spiritual teachers and Venerable Jing Yuan. May we have the spirit of enlightenment in us, just like them. May we have the wisdom, compassion and strength to persist on this path and may all sentient beings attain true happiness and be liberated from suffering.

Venerable Jing Yuan, we miss you and from the bottom of all our hearts, we yearn for your return and we will work hard to propagate the Dharma. We hope we will do you proud.

~BW Monastery Youth Core Leaders

Yan Ru Teo