Announcement: T.H.E. has decided not to participate in the Auspicious Vesak Day Festival 2018 event as a co-organiser


To whom it may concern,

With immense regrets, one of our co-organisers, T.H.E. Buddhist Nunnery, in upcoming Auspicious Vesak Day Festival 2018, will not be participating as a co-organiser due to unforseen circumstances and variables beyond our control.

For T.H.E.’s supporter who would like to seek a refund for coupons bought in support of  T.H.E. specifically, kindly visit BW Monastery before 18 May 2018 to return any of your coupons.

For further inquiries, please email to

We apologised for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

谨此告知:2018 吉祥佛诞的其中一个协办团体 ——T.H.E Buddhist Nunnery,已决定撤出主办权。如有任何 T.H.E 的支持者,因以上理由希望将已购得的活动固本退还,欢迎于5月18日前到吉祥宝聚寺退款。如有疑问,请电邮至。



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