Getting ready for a joyous trip

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Very soon, there will be 2 groups of Lamrim students setting off to Prince Edward Island, Canada (PEI) for a dharma seeking trip.

Today, we gathered together, earnestly making preparations. Besides that, it is recall the utmost importance of innate motivation setting!

For this upcoming trip to PEI, our hearts have been filled with immense gratitude and joy. We will get to personally learn how our Teacher and the Sangha community have established the teachings and their virtuous efforts in doing so which will benefit all sentient beings.

Let’s supplicate for these dharma seeking groups to have a fruitful learning trip, making progressive leaps in relying on the teachings, and scaling great heights to achieve one’s life peaks.

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很快的,有两团PEI请法团, 即将先后启程去请法。

今天, 大家齐聚一堂, 认真的做前行准备, 除了事项上的准备, 也不忘最重要的意乐安立!

此行,大家带着满满的感恩与欢喜的心, 心里承载着全体学员们到加拿大-爱德王岛(PEI), 去亲身体会师长与僧团在PEI建立教法,饶益有情的功德。

祈愿这次请法团,大家都能合和增上, 依止法大跨越, 再攀越生命高峰。