Auspicious Puja - 18 August 2019 (Every Sunday 9.30-10.45am)


Everyone was captivated by the energetic songs, or Insightful Praises of the Buddha, when they stepped into the Hall of Jewels for the Auspicious Puja.

When the puja commenced, Venerable Bensi highlighted that by taking refuge in the Triple Gem, we can avoid all our sufferings by seeking protection from the Buddha who had attained perfect wisdom and compassion and because He had also realised the methods to avoid all sufferings.

The topic of the day led by Venerable Zusheng was ‘Is It Acceptable To Tell A White Lie?’, which led to an intense discussion among everyone. Venerable Zusheng shared that the Buddha do not tell lies and that His actions are an example for us all to emulate. A white lie is still considered as a non-virtuous action which can lead to suffering later.

Coming up next week, the discussion topic will be ‘How To Pacify An Angry Person?’ How will the venerables advise us on this?

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