Auspicious Puja - 1st September 2019 (Every Sunday 9.30-10.45am)


Even on a Sunday morning, the Hall of Jewels is filled with warm laughter and chatter, as everyone is energised by the showers of blessings before the Auspicious Puja began.


Venerable Bensi showed how to benefit from the Buddha's teaching, by illustrating the harmful effects of anger. Anger is so poisonous that it will erode your virtuous deeds. Everyone was delighted to discuss on this week topic 'Do You Get Angry Over Small Issues? What Can We Do To Stay Calm?’ One of the participants shared how he tried to control his anger by freezing his amygdala hijack (which is the part of the brain that triggers anger).


Venerable Zusheng wrapped up the topic by giving a classic example of how a wife got angry with her husband whenever he forgot to close the cap of the toothpaste after using. It was ironic that she volunteered willingly to close the caps on all the tubes of toothpaste at a monastery. What she should have done is to help her husband close the cap of the toothpaste! This will change her suffering into a virtuous deed instead!


This coming Sunday’s discussion topic will be 'Why Does Love Turn To Hate?’ Join us this Sunday at the Monastery to find out! Stay Connected with us!

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