Year End Appreciation Dinner for Cadres 《年终感恩晚宴 干部欢聚一堂 》


BW Monastery Training & Development (T&D) held its inaugural appreciation dinner for its lecturers, monitors and care coordinators last Sunday on 13 Jan 2019.

The event was graced by the Sangha and it was encouraging to hear Abbot Master Jing Yuan’s reminders on how so many of us are contributing relentless to preserve the teachings of the Buddha to benefit all beings, which is rare in modern times but much needed by the society. The role supported by everyone is core to upholding of the teachings.

It was also a timely opportunity for the management committee to be introduced, and for lecturers to be recognized for their efforts and capabilities in propagating the Dharma far and wide. A significant milestone witnessed and rejoiced by all present!

The event ended with a sumptuous buffet dinner where everyone mingled with one another to recollect and share the joy of learning the Dharma in order to benefit all sentient beings. We are definitely looking forward to the next one!

In sum, we are truly grateful to the Triple Gem for providing us with excellent teachers, great environment, and virtuous companions to learn how to abandon sufferings and attain happiness. Come and join us to learn the same!


年终感恩晚宴 干部欢聚一堂

正月十三日这感恩的一天,吉祥寺四楼的聚宝堂,举办了一场“年终感恩晚宴”。 顾名思义借着今晚,吉祥寺要感恩一群默默为弘扬教法、努力付出的勇士。他们是谁呢?大家除了可以一起来赞叹随喜外,也可以发心投入建立教法的行列喔!