8 things you MUST know about Auspicious Vesak 2018 Event

Auspicious Vesak 2018, the Buddhist edition of educational carnival and celebrations, will be making its comeback this May! From 19 to 20 May, Auspicious Vesak is taking over the entire event hall space of over 37,000 sqft at Big Box Level 3.

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BW Monastery aims to showcase the diverse aspects of the Mahayana Buddhism to relive the magnificence at the time of the Buddha. This event is going to be an oasis for all — a spiritual sanctuary for the Buddhist community, and a blissful and joyous environment for adults and children to immerse in.


The theme for Auspicious Vesak this year is none other than… precious RELICS! It is set to be one of the most coveted Vesak Day celebration as it is the 1st time in Singapore, where the 2,300 year old collarbone relic of Buddha is going to be opened for the public to view and pay respects outside of a monastery.

Auspicious Vesak 2018 will also be a market with offerings for all ages. Anticipate a vibrant setup comprising of educational and interactive elements, exciting hands-on games for children, 2 full days of meaningful seminars, lively performances by young people and a huge variety of delectable food.

This year, expect a more culturally-diverse Auspicious Vesak. Last year, it begun with international vegetarian delicacies, while this year, BW Monastery will be including a global stupa informational exhibit that features famous stupas from all over the world!

Get ready to delve into a weekend of fun while growing your insights to Buddhism at the same time! Here are 8 things to see and do at Auspicious Vesak 2018:

1. Get your kid into the hottest “F1 car” of their dreams
The newest addition to Auspicious Vesak Day is the kids’ racing game! Now our kiddos will also have their share of fun and hype as they race along with their new-found friends and it’s gonna be a huge ball of fun for them!

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2. Order yourself some satiating slices of pizza for lunch


3. And then sweeten your weekend by stomach-ing some cute lil Shanghai Rainbow balls for dessert together with Mom or Ah Ma.

4. Bathe the Buddha and tell him your deepest wish! May you be blessed!

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The water in the bathing pool is no ordinary scented thing! It’s made up of different types of herbs and flowers to give Buddha a fragrant bath. Use some for yourself to bless your soul (the volunteers will guide you how)!

5. Also write your wish on the blessing ribbon (free with purchase of coupons) and toss it up the tree of aspirations!


Our Venerables will conduct a blessing ritual at 3.30pm each day for all your wishes made! So be happy about what you wish for! 

6. Listen to local youth bands and acapella groups
On the list are: BW Monastery’s very own band (The Odds) and Chinese orchestra (Heyday). These people are a bunch of budding talents, so come and support their stage!

Heyday CO & The Odds

The Odds is a really creative group that create, perform and innovate existing music arrangements into their very own unique flavour. While HeyDay CO is a Chinese orchestra, it comprises of very young members on traditional Chinese instruments, classical piano and modern beatbox! What an interesting mix!


In addition, a youth acapella group, Yazers, is also invited to perform their melodious pieces of uplifting songs. Come and get your soul recharged through music, and at the same time, give local talents your great support!


7. Learn MANY things out of an event!

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This event is obviously not just about fun and food. You can either learn information out of the stupa exhibits or you may also choose to attend mini-seminars conducted in English/Mandarin by professional Buddhist lecturers.

If you’re an exhibit enthusiast or an avid seminar go-er, it’s time to plan your trip down to Big Box @ Jurong and fill up on the juicy bits of Buddha’s wisdom.

8. Last but never the least … Make your offerings and say Hi to Buddha. Fun and growing merits can happen at the same time!

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When: 19 & 20 May 2018
Where: Big Box Event Hall Level 3
Time: 9am to 5pm

The event promises to be a fun-filled experience for all!

Auspicious Vesak 2018 is organised by BW Monastery in conjunction with Blossom Seeds. Admission to Auspicious Vesak 2018 is FREE! Do remember to hashtag #AuspiciousVesak2018 #BWM #Vesak when you capture your beautiful photos!

Note: As Auspicious Vesak 2018 is just a short 5-minute walk away from Jurong East MRT, visitors are encouraged to take public transport to get to the event space.

PS: If you are keen to purchase the coupons online, or make offerings on behalf of your loved ones, click here.