Why is there offering to the heavens in Buddhism?

According to the Sutra of Golden Light, in front of Buddha, the heavenly beings acted in accordance to their Bodhicitta to compassionately support persons of virtues. Hence, to repay the debt of gratitude to the heavenly beings for protecting the Triple Gems and preserving the Dharma, Buddhists started conducting Pujas for offering to the heavenly realm.

Offering to Heavens Puja is held during lunar new year. It is to pay gratitude to the deities for their care and support, and to supplicate for the country to have peace, prosperity and good returns.

When attendees are able to join in the Puja with utmost sincerity, it will not only move the goddess with virtues, but also other deities to provide support, allowing wishes to be fulfilled smoothly. Also, once the heavenly beings have listened to the Sutra teachings, they will be more energized. Thus, it is the most auspicious type of offering of the Dharma, benefitting oneself and others from the merits!

Come join in this special Offering to Heavens puja this CNY and seek blessings for yourself and your loved ones too!

法会 pujasTan Heleneng