Mindfulness of Death: Limitless Lifetimes, Unlimited Hope


Are you ready when death knocks? Is our life limitless? 

On  27 June 2018, at Citiraya Building, our Husband-and-Wife team , Mr Tan Tong Eng and Ms Koh Lee Yong, led close to 100 attendees through a journey of life impermanence.  

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Using video clips and experiential activities, we were able to experience what it would be like at death’s doorstep. Through lively and humourous means, both lecturers underscored the impermanence of our lives, and taught us the means to prepare for death. Also, how to fulfil our wishes for current life, but more importantly, a better next life and life after next. 


With guidance from the Triple Gem, the attendees affirmed that impermanence leading to death is not necessarily a subject of doom. It can be filled with unlimited hope through our limitless life times.

Contributed by Lim Siew Cheng