3rd Module of the Lay Practitioners Dharma Institute Course was smoothly completed on 7th January 2018!

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Under our Teacher’s compassionate guidance, the 3rd Module which comprised of 20 lectures on Lamrim and 8 chapters of Dialectic Studies (intermediate and advance principles), was smoothly completed on 7th January 2018!

Venerable Jing Yuan, who was away in Taiwan, conveyed his praise and encouragement. He also specially conveyed our Teacher’s important     concluding message, which entailed the perfection of this graduation.

Venerable Jing Yuan skillfully used the analogies of a “5-star restaurant”, “Harvard” Buddhist student and “We are No 1”, which uplifted all present further, and also t give a morale boost to those students in anticipation for the next intake with joy.

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As we forge ahead with the learning of the 5 Great Treatise, so long as we do not give up, we will definitely accomplish it eventually, because we have our Teachers’ attentive support at all times.

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