BW Monastery 8 Precepts and Enrichment Camp I

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For 2 days starting from 15 Aug 2017, BW Monastery will be holding 8 Precepts & enrichment camps for its members from 9:00am. to 9:30pm. 

This morning,  the main shrine was filled with about 350 students who arrived with eager  expectations about the event.  Ven. Ben Si prepared the congregation by telling them a story of the consequences of observing & not observing the 8 precepts. 

A ritual to invite the Teacher, Ven. Jing Yuan, for today's ceremony was performed.  He gave a discourse on the motivation and intention for taking this 8 precepts ritual. He also demonstrated how to hold the incense for offering; that it should be placed between our eyebrows. 

At around 10:45am.Ven. Jing Yuan  started the actual ritual whereby all members took their precepts together. 

Lunch was served with the whole congregation chanting majestically the dedication verses. This was to express  gratitude to The Triple Gems for this  meal.

After lunch, the sangha led the group to invite the Buddha's relic to the main altar for their viewing.  Venerable said that in normal times, viewing of Buddha's relic is already a great merit. Now that we are under 8 precepts taking, to view it would gain greater merits. Rejoice !!!

The rest of the program included singing of insightful praises, dharma lessons, 35 Buddha's repentance prostrations, circumbulation & walking Zen meditations led by our Monastery  
monks & nuns. Of special mention was a session by 1 of our overseas young Singaporean monk ie. Ven. Xing Fei who conducted a lesson in a light yet lively interactive manner.  The puja at the monastery ended with light offerings in the night. Attendees would continue to keep their precepts at home till first light tomorrow. 

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All the activities were carefully planned by our Venerables so that attendees can gain the most merits whilst observing the 8 precepts for a day & night.  Day 1 of the 8 precepts ended with a grand finale of vast light offering.

Let us rejoice all attendees at this auspicious precepts camp. May the Teachings of Buddha continue to flourish in the world !!!

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